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Add photobiomodulation to your clinic repertoire with this targeted red light therapy device great for clinic or in-home use at a very affordable price. This flexible device can be easily wrapped around joints like elbows and knees or can lay flat across larger areas like the back. 

• 6 near-infrared (NIR) LEDs at a unique sweeping profile of 810-840nm and 3 red LEDs at 625-635nm. 

• The device is designed as a multi-angular treatment shaped for the body, to be placed directly on the skin where it hurts. 

• FlexBEAM™ is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery, with one charge lasting up to 2.5 hours. 

• The device contains an active fan cooling system to regulate temperature and automatic shutdown at the end of each treatment. 

3 pre-programmed settings allow you to choose between the red LEDs, near-infrared LEDs, or a more equal mix of both. All settings include an automatic shut-off after 10 minutes.

Ships separately from our fulfillment center to anywhere in the USA for $25.

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