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The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine
The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine

The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine

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The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine By Lonny S Jarrett

Spirit Path Press | 805 pages | ISBN-13: 9780966991611 | ISBN-10: 0966991613 | 2015  | Hardcover

This work explicates how to achieve the core value system at the heart of Nourishing Destiny in clinical practice. All treatment paradigms are fully elaborated to allow immediate integration into the clinic. Lonny covers in detail, the points on the 12 main channels cross referencing every character in every main and alternate point name to Weiger's etymological text and to Mathews' Chinese-English dictionary. He also fully elaborate the Worsley five element tradition with a fresh perspective for the twenty first century. A chapter on Clearing Blocks with Chinese Herbs contains a beautifully written piece by Thea Elijah on treating possession, exit/entry blocks and clearing the sensory orifices with herbal medicine. A 60 page chapter discusses the in depth use of the five element points on each channel with an eye toward engendering the integral consciousness that lies at the heart of Chinese medicine. In conclusion Lonny examines the four thousand year history of Chinese medicine from the perspective of Spiral Dynamics, a model that yields deep insight into the evolution of consciousness. He examines where Chinese medicine has been, where it is, and where it needs to go if it is to fulfill its potential as a leading edge holistic/integral medicine.

From the forward: "Lonny Jarrett has written another book in his unmistakable style. This work must be read as the autobiography of a master practitioner who shows us his roots, his growth process, and the amalgamation of Chinese medicine with everything he is, thinks, and knows--all in the spirit of inspiring the same." - Heiner Fruehauf, Chair, Dept of Classical Chinese Medicine, NCNM.

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